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City of the City (2024) [Chinese] (TV series) | Download Mp4

Series 2 weeks ago

Download City of the City (2024) [Chinese] (TV series)

It's the graduation season again in Shanghai's Lujiazui Financial City. Tao Wu Ji, a young man from a small town, was admitted to the Pudong branch of a bank. He started as a teller at the lowest level. Tao Wu Ji was diligent and determined to make progress, relying on his own abilities and emotional intelligence.

He stood out and was selected by Zhao Hui, vice president of the branch, to be recruited into the "Sunshine Project" project. Zhao Hui saw the shadow of his own youth in Tao Wu Ji and cultivated him carefully; Tao Wu Ji also followed Zhao Hui's example and gradually found the meaning and direction of his work in the bank.

Country: Chinese

Released: 2024

Genre: Business; Drama;

City of the City Season 1
Series | 2 weeks ago

City of the City Season 1