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Joy of Life (2019) [Chinese] (TV series) | Download Mp4

Series 2 weeks ago

Download Joy of Life (2019) [Chinese] (TV series)

Zhang Qing, a present-day college student in culture and history major wants to study in professor Ye's postgraduate class, so he decides to write a historical fiction to elaborate his perspective of analyzing ancient literature history with modern concept. In the fiction, Zhang himself acts as a young man Fan Xian with mysterious life who lives in a remote seaside town of Kingdom Qing in his childhood, under the help of a mysterious mentor and a blindfolded watchman. Fan goes to the capital when he grows up, where he experiences plenty of ordeal and temper. Fan persists in adhering the rule of justice and goodness and lives his own glorious life.

Director: Sun Hao [孙皓]

Country: Chinese

Released: 2024

Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Historical; Martial Arts; Novel; political; Power Struggle; Romance; Sci-fi; Time Travel; Wuxia;

Watch Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9GI8CgjFw8

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